Carlinhos taking off for a victory

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First stage of Brazilian Nationals is over and Carlos Niemeyer (Aeros Combat L) is the winner. This stage was in Governador Valadares, from the 9th to the 15th of April, and the second will be at Andradas, from 17th to 23rd September.
Carlos also won the Brazilian Open.

Top ten of Brazilian Open:
1  CARLOS ROBERTO NIEMEYER, Carlinhos    (Combat L)     RJ   5118
2  GUSTAVO DE ARAUJO SALDANHA, Guga      (Litespeed S)  RJ   4992
3  ALVARO FIGUEIREDO SANDOLI, Nene Rotor (T2)           SP   4743
4  ANDRE WOLF                            (Litespeed 4)  RS   4601
5  FRANZ HERRMANN                        (Combat L)     SWZ  4502
6  LEONARDO DABBUR, Maskara              (T2)           SP   4434
7  MICHEL LOUZADA, Louzada               (Litespeed S)  SP   4204
8  MARCIO ROSADAS, Marcinho              (Litespeed S)  RJ   4143
9  MARCELO FERRO, Ferro                  (Litespeed)    SP   4072
10 GILSON CARVALHO DOS SANTOS, Gilson    (Combat L)     RJ   3949

Luiz Niemeyer writes:

"Our National competition at Governador Valadares has finished with the best results to all of us. Just to explain into the 7 days competition we had 2 different comps and three classes.
National Competition Open (All pilots)
   1st Place: Carlos Niemeyer - Aeros Combat L
National Competition (Advanced pilots)
   1st Place: Gilson dos Santos - Aeros Combat L
   2nd Place: Marcelo Moicano - Aeros Combat L
National Competition (Begginers)
   1st Place: Alexandre Lima -Aeros Combat L
Regional Rio de Janeiro (All Pilots)
   1st Place: Carlos Niemeyer - Aeros Combat L
   3rd Place: Luiz Niemeyer - Aeros Combat L
As you can see Aeros has won every competition and category."

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