This year Flytec Championship at Quest Air and US Nationals at Florida Ridge where the most successful competitions ever: well organized, with great support from volunteers. Due to windy conditions at Florida Ridge there were only two tasks but both of them where flown in good racing conditions. Coming to Florida this year I was a little bit nervous because I didnít participate in any comps since summer last year. But it seemed that the deficiency in cross-country flying was compensated by a new Combat L performance. I didnít prepare the glider for these comps; the glider I took was a stock glider. The reason for that was to find out how it performs compare to its rivals. I felt pretty comfortable in thermals, most of the time sitting effortlessly on top of the gaggle. It seems the glider has improved in climb noticeably. There were five tasks flown at Quest, all of them in different flying conditions, most of them in typically Florida conditions. There were one or two relatively rough days though (one of them at Florida Ridge). The glider felt very safe, there was not a single moment when I got scared of in turbulent air. It has more bar pressure progressively increasing with speed in comparison with the last years Combat.
Thanks a lot to Flytec crew, Florida Ridge crew, all the organizers and volunteers for good comps. And special thanks to Bob Bailey for letting me fly his Dragonfly.
Same time with Florida comps there were the Brazilian Nationals in Valadares. Carlos Niemeyer became first flying a new Combat L. Our congratulations to him!
Oleg Bondarchuk