Aeros Leads at the Danish Nationals 2006-06-14
Lars Bo Johansen writes:
On a Combat L 14 Friday the 2. of June after 5 heats I had the great pleasure to win for the fourth time (2004 Combat L, 1998 Laminar ST and 1996 Rumour 2) the Danish Nationals flown in Denmark! Except for one task the conditions was very aggressive with a very unstable air mass, strong conditions and clouds developing into towering cumulus and isolated Cb. This made the flying very tactical and a big challenge. In fairly strong winds we did dog-leg tasks, out and return and goal flights with a cross wind component. The last task a dog-leg, I was the only one to make it to goal in a very strong cross wind! Throughout the whole competition I felt very competitive and comfortable in my Combat and eventually won the comp with a big lead.

Good job, Lars Bo! Our congratulations also go to Jesper Hassing, Charles Gjorup and all other Aeros pilots!

Results of the Danish HG Nationals:
Position Name Glider
1 Johansen, Lars Bo Aeros Combat L
2 Hassing, Jesper Aeros Combat 2
3 Lauridsen, Flemming Moyes Litespeed S