News from Europeans 2006-06-29

There were times when Oleg Bondarchuk was showing the excellence of Aeros gliders alone in the international competitions. Since then the situation has changed drastically. At the European Championship 2004 the number of participant pilots flying Aeros gliders was already the highest compared with gliders of other manufacturers, 36 per cent of all participating hang gliders.

At the current Europeans in Croatia 46 pilots out of 98 participants have preferred Aeros, which is 47 per cent. The leading position of Aeros gliders can be seen from the results of the European Championship:

Final Competition Results:
1 FRIESENBICHLER, Michael, (Moyes Litespeed 3.5 S) AUT
2 BONDARCHUK, Oleg, (Aeros Combat L) UKR
3 GRICAR, Primoz, (Aeros Combat L13) SVN

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