Triada Cup: top ten places got by AEROS pilots! 2006-07-26

Triada Cup competition in hang gliding and paragliding was held at Kurai (Russia) on July 15-20. 42 pilots participated in the hang gliding comps. There were three flying days, the first two tasks were races to goal and the third one was elapsed time speedrun. Vladimir Leuskov flying AEROS Combat L showed the bests results and won the Triada Cup. Anton Minsky with another Combat L took the second place and Artur Dzamihov, who is an AEROS pilot as well, was the third prizewinner. Moreover, the great news for AEROS team is that all top ten pilots are flying our gliders!
Congratulations to Vladimir Leuskov and other AEROS pilots!

Full results can be found at:

P.S. At the moment, Russian Open Hang Gliding Championship is taking place at Kurai. We are waiting for the results!