Aeros Winners 2006 2006-12-26

The year 2006 was quite successful for Aeros. Pilots flying our wings showed great results at national and international competitions all over the world. Here is the list of the competitors who took the first places at the comps. Congratulations!

Brasilian Open - Luiz Niemeyer
Xceara 2006 (Brasil) - Fabien Agenes
Mt.Ikeda Cup (Japan) - Yoshikatu Tonomura
East Coast Open, Sport class (USA) - John Simon
Pre World Championship, Sport class (USA) - John Simon
Russian Open - Artur Dzamihov
Podbrezova Cup (Slovakia) - Ferdinand Nizner
Belgian Open - Malcolm Brown
Triada Cup (Russia) - Vladimir Leuskov
Swiss Open - Christian Voiblet
Slovenian Open - Peter Kejzar
Danish National - Lars Bo Johansen
Flytech Championship (USA) - Oleg Bondarchuk
Governador Valadares, Open Class (Brasil) - Carlos Niemeyer
Governador Valadares, National Competition, Advanced class (Brasil) - Gilson dos Santos
Governador Valadares, National Competition, Beginners class (Brasil) - Alexandre Lima
Rio de Janeiro Regional (Brasil) - Carlos Niemeyer
US Open (USA) - Oleg Bondarchuk
New Zealand National - Mathew Barlow
Grinenko Cup (Ukraine) - Vladimir Shylo
Ukrainian Aerotowing Cup - Dmytriy Russov
Ukrainian Open - Dmytriy Russov
Trofeo Montegrappa, Rigid Wings class (Italy) - Primoz Gricar
German Open, rigid wings class (Germany) - Primoz Gricar

We wish you new victories in the New Year!