┬´ň¸Ó˛Ű ■¨Ŕň ´ţßňńű Ô ▀´ţÝŔŔ 2010-12-08
We've got the information from Japan,áthis is the summary of Japanese competition season. The results are convincing andárather impressive.
Weáhaveáhad and validated á7 competitionsáofáJapanese National League in 2010.
All competitions won by Combat pilots !
West Fuji Japan Classic
á1stá Genki Tanakaáá Combat 07 12.8 with tail
Kinokawa Sky Grandprix
á1stá Koji Daimonááá Combat 09 13.7
Japan Nationals
á1stá Koji Daimoná Combat 09 13.7
Sky festival in Nanyo
á1stá Koji Daimoná Combatá09 13.7á
Mt Ikeda Cup
á1stá Koji Daimon Combat 09 13.7 with tail
Hanawa Sky Jump
á1stá Shogo Otaáá Combat 09 13.2 with tail
East Japan Championship
á1stá Naoki Itagakiá Combat 09 13.7
2010 National Ranking in Japan League
1stá Koji Daimon
2nd Naoki Itagaki
3rd Shogo Ota
5 pilots flying with Combats are in top 10.
We would like to congratulate our top Japanese pilots Koji Daimon, Genki Tanaka, Shogo Otaá, Naoki Itagaki for their outstanding results and wish all of them goodáluck in the next season.