About this order-form

We hope this order form will ease the process of choosing colors and materials, so you could order exactly the glider you want.

Colors and shapes

Please keep in mind, though: colors that you see on the display do not exactly match the colors of materials! The structure of cloth is not represented at all. Transparency and colors of materials in reality also depend on lighting conditions.
This order form contains the sketch, that should only give you an idea about how the whole assembly will look like.

Filling the form & Placing the order

You can choose most of colors by clicking on the wing panel. Colors of ribs and batten pockets, and all other options are available via form menu.
When you're done, create a PDF file. Please, check it carefully and send it to aerosint@aerosint.kiev.ua.
The easiest way to do it is to use Chrome web browser, it has built-in PDF-generator. If you are on a Mac - PDF printer is built into the system so you can use Safari too. Please choose A4 landscape format and do not use print-screen. For a brief how-to click here.
In case some sections in print form are not on their place or overlap with others please set all print margins to 1 cm.


This form has been tested in latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. If you are on Windows XP computer, your version of Internet Explorer might not display this page properly. Please install Chrome or Firefox - latest versions of these browsers still have full support for Win XP (SP2 minimum).


Combat C v. 0.99.001
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Date:0000 Customer:- - -
Order ref:- - - Dealer:- - -


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Sail Options

Available only if top surface is made of ODL04

Main parts and options

Spare parts


characters left


Order forComplete Wing
Wing Size12.7
Wing VersionC


Leading Edge0000
Top Surface Front Panel0000
Top Surface Rear Panel0000
Trailing Edge0000
Reinforcement Belt0000
Bottom Surface0000
Middle Line0000
Rear Line0000
LettersBig Latin Outline, Black - Insignia PSA

Other options

UprightsBlack (Slipstream)
SpeedbarCarbon profile
Speedbar PositionFront (standard)
Hang ConnectionStandard
Movable CG-Yes
LE carbon inserts-Yes

Spare parts

Carbon speedbar -Yes Alu round speedbar -Yes
Alu profile speedbar -Yes Spare uprights 0
This block will be filled by Aeros.
Frame#:Production date: