Interactive order form

1. Introduction.

We hope this order form will ease the process of choosing colors and materials, and thus will let you make a precise and easy decision.


2. Note about colors and shapes match.

Please keep in mind: colors that are shown on your display do not exactly match the colors of materials!
This order form contains the sketch, that should only give you an idea about how the whole assembly will look like. Transparency and colors of real materials also depend on lighting conditions.


3. DiscusT specific notes.

  1. This order form is for the wing only. Trike color option is only for assembly display purpose. If you want to order the trike too - please fill in the order form.
  2. If you order the top surface made of Dacron (Polyant 170 MT) trailing edge will be made of white ripstop cloth (Polyant HTP 180 Square). Otherwise trailing edge will match the top surface.
  3. If you choose colored top surface, please keep in mind that colors of top and bottom surfaces will be slightly blended when you look at the wing, sometimes even if it's not very sunny day. So, please, choose colors accordingly.


4. Sending an order to Aeros.

  1. After choosing colors and options you can fill in the standard .pdf form using the info from this interactive form and send it to us. In other words: this form acts like a helper.
  2. You can create PDF-file that contains your order using one of many PDF-printers available in the WWW (like: doPDF - Free PDF Converter. It's fully free, multilingual, easy to install and use).
    All you need to do after "selecting, checking and filling in" is just "print" the order form with a PDF-printer and send the file to us.


5. Compatibility

This order form should work with no issues in all popular browsers.
If you use Internet Explorer and picture is not displayed correctly then consider updating IE to a newer version. Altenatively, you may consider migrating to a different and newer browser, like Firefox.