About this order-form

We hope this order form will ease the process of choosing colors and materials, so you could order exactly the glider you want.

Colors and shapes

Please keep in mind, though: colors that you see on the display do not exactly match the colors of materials! The structure of cloth is not represented at all. Transparency and colors of materials in reality also depend on lighting conditions.
This order form contains the sketch, that should only give you an idea about how the whole assembly will look like.

Filling the form & Placing the order

You can choose most of colors by clicking on the wing panel. All options are also available via form menu. When you are ready, click the DOWNLOAD PDF button on the bottom of page. Generated pdf will be opened in new tab/window or you will be prompted to save/open the file.
Please, check pdf carefully and send it to info@aeros.com.ua.


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Sail Options

Main parts and options

Spare parts


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