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Viper-2007 Ė Fly Faster and Comfy!

The Viper-2007 is without a doubt the lowest drag harness made by Aeros factory and is the next level in aerodynamic performance and comfort.
The Aeros Viper-2007 will provide you with competitive performance and superior comfort, whatever the duration of your flight. Retaining the best features of current Viper harnesses the new Viper-2007 combines them into a more reliable design and offers much cleaner aerodynamic shape.
Viper-2007, same as all Viper harnesses utilize a carbon fiber back plate. This 330 mm wide, gently curving back support system allows the harness to fit as close as possible to the pilot while still allowing ‘non-binding’ support. Depending on the pilot’s height, the back plate is between 800 mm – 1050 mm  long.
The Viper-2007 retains an optional Matrix cloth outer skin, which has been proved in the wind tunnel to be the most aerodynamically clean at the moment. Same as with all Viper series you are able to replace the entire outer matrix cloth covering at anytime with a new one. For increasing Matrix skin life we offer an optional full-length harness bag that allows packing and transporting the harness without folding it.
Employing a lever system that is more reliable than those used in previous models, the Viper pilot is able to easily adjust the pitch (the angle of attack) of the harness in flight without taking hands off the base bar.


Certificate  #     DHV 03-0121-04.
The drawings of the latest model were sent to DHV and it was confirmed that the certificate number is also valid for all Viper S and Viper 2 modifications.
Fly faster and comfy!

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