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A-frame Position

  • L = 985 mm without trim device
  • L = 1008 with trim device
  • * - Recommended for wings without trim devices only

     PROFI is the first of our trike wings in which an electric wing trim device is utilized

    The trim device improves the comfort of handling dramatically. In long flights it is used for creating a trimming effect, which decreases the control bar load.

    The device has an electromechanical drive and vehicle-borne battery supply – 12v.

    The switch is located in an instrument board zone. The weight of the trim device is 1500 g.

    Here's a short video demonstrating how the device functions on the ground.

    Here's a short video on the trim device functioning. Although taken on the ground, it gives you an idea how it works in the air.

    (format AVI, 2.8 Mb)

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